Credit Card


Shimanto Bank is offering duel currency credit card for convenient and flexible way to pay for your purchases made at home and abroad. Shimanto credit card is the perfect prospect for you rather to carry large amounts of cash with you as you may use our credit card worldwide as they are accepted in millions of ATM and POS as well as e-commerce portals. All in all, credit cards are becoming essential in our life as it can be very useful in our daily expenses.

It’s time to explore the world of possibilities that a Credit Card has to offer. It is a means of credit line operable anywhere anytime around the globe with an enhancive credit limit. Salaried individuals, business persons and professionals are welcome to savor this remarkable deal.


  1. VISA Gold (Dual Currency)
  2. VISA Classic (Dual Currency)


  1. EMV Chip-Base secured card;
  2. Global Acceptance;
  3. ATM cash advance facility up to 50% on available credit limit;
  4. E-commerce facility for use on over the internet with 2FA.
  5. Prompt CARD and PIN Replacement facility in case of lost, stolen;
  6. Lifetime free first supplementary credit card;
  7. Attractive Discounts on a wide range of Merchants;
  8. Local and International E-commerce transaction facility;
  9. Card annual fee waive by 15 Transaction round the year;
  10. 0% Interest Rate EMI facilities with selected merchants;
  11. Lowest Interest rate of annually only 20%;
  12. Maximum 45- Days Interest free period for POS transaction;
  13. Transaction Notification through SMS;
  14. Free E-statement facility;
  15. Auto Debit facility.
  16. Flexible payment option by Minimum bill payment or total bill payment;
  17. No hidden charge;
  18. Call Center Service anytime & anywhere;


  • Salaried Individuals.
  • Self Employed.
  • Professionals.
  • Business Person.


Card TypeCurrencyValid inLimit Range
VISA Classic (Dual Currency)BDT & USDWorldwideTk.20,000 — Tk.1,00,000 and equivalent USD depending on SAARC and Non SAARC travel quota
VISA Gold (Dual Currency)BDT & USDWorldwideTk.50,000 — Tk.10,00,000 and equivalent USD depending on SAARC and Non SAARC travel quota
**The maximum card limit and Travel Quota (TQ) related limit shall be guided by the Bangladesh Bank Circular.


  • Minimum age of the applicant: 18 Years.
  • Maximum age of the applicant: 60 Years.


  • Any salary income earner of Government & Semi Government Organizations, Multi-National Companies, UN Organization, Development Agency, Embassy, Large & Local Corporate Bodies, Banks and NBFIs.
  • Any Self-employed income earner, Businessman (Proprietorship, Partners hip, Private Limited, Public Limited, Social Enterprise, Trading Companies etc.)
  •  Any Self-Employed Professionals such as Doctor, Engineer, Architect, lT Consultant, Teachers etc., Landlord/ Landlady
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi nationals or Non Bangladeshi with valid work permit.
  • Minimum Income:
a) Salaried Individuals
i) Fully account payee:
For BGB personal /SMBL employee :Minimum BDT 15,000
For Non BGB personal : Minimum BDT 20,000

ii) Partially account payee:
For Non BGB personal : Minimum BDT 25,000
(at least BDT 15,000 should be reflected in bank statement)

iii) Fully cash payee:
For BGB personal : Minimum BDT 15,000
For Non BGB personal : Minimum BDT 30,000

Minimum 50% of gross monthly salary should be reflected as credit transactions in bank statement in consistent manner.

b) Self-employed/Businessman: Minimum BDT 30,000

** Income for a particular customer segment to be assessed as per the - Income Assessment Guideline
  • Length of Service/ Business/ Practice:
Total service length should be minimum 1 year with following consideration:

-> For Permanent employees - minimum 3 months with current organization
-> For Contractual employees – minimum 6 months with current organization

1 year of business existence for SHIMANTO BANK business account holders having minimum relationship for 6 months and
2 years [to be considered based on issuing date of trade license] for others.

Minimum 2 years of practice [to be considered based on issuing date of respective certificates].

Required Documents:

For Service Holders

  1. Filled in application form
  2. Photo (passport size) – 1 copies
  3. Photocopy of passport (pages 1-7)
  4. TIN certificate
  5. Lien confirmation letter/ Undertaking (by Branch to Card Division in Branch letterhead pad)
  6. Bank Statement showing RQ A/C balance

For Business Personnel’s

  1. Filled in Application Form
  2. Photo (Passport Size)-2 copies
  3. Trade License/ Memorandum/ Deed of Partnership
  4. TIN Certificate
  5. Bank statement for last six month
  6. Photocopy of Passport (Pages 1-7)
  7. Proof of Residence if available
  8. Proof of T&T Phone if available etc

Payment Process:

Our valued cardholders may use the following mode & channels for credit card payments:

Mode of Payment:

  • Payment in cash.
  • Payment through SHIMANTO BANK cheque
  • Payment through other BANK cheque (clearing & collection)
  • Payment through debit instruction from SHIMANTO BANK account
  • Payment through account transfer from Shimanto Bank account or other bank account

Channel of Payment:

  • Payment through SHIMANTO BANK branches.
  • Payment through SHIMANTO BANK Internet Banking and mobile aps.
  • Payment through BEFTN

Discount Partners:

Use Shimanto Bank Cards in Your Everyday Purchase and Get Exciting Offers & Discounts!



Food & Restaurant

10% for cardholders, 12% for corporate purchase. 5% 10% 10% 10% 8%
20% on a-la cart menu. 10% on all  food items. 10% on a-la cart menu. 10% on a-la cart menu. 15%
10% Discount 10% Discount 10% Discount    


10% on diagnosis, 5% on sugery/operations. 35% on Pathological tests, 30% on PCR tests, Radiological & Imaging Tests, 10% Discount on Bed Rent. 15% on consultation fees, 20% on outdoor physiotherapy treatment charge, 25% on Pathology report, 20% Discount on X-ray, MRI, ECG,USG. 15% Discount on Admission, Treatment Charge, Bed/cabin Rent & Doctor Visit. Pathology 35%, Radiology & Imaging 20%, Echo, E.C.G, Color Doppler, Ultra sonogram 20%, Bed- Cabin Charge (Excluding food Charge) 10%, ICU & NICU Bed Charge 20% OPD Services: 25% on pathological & biochemistry investigations, 15% on X-ray, CT scan, MRI, ECG, Ultra-sonogram, Echo and ETT. IPD Service: 10% on pathological & biochemistry investigations, 10% on X-ray, CT scan, MRI, ECG, Ultra-sonogram, Echo and ETT, 10% on bed charges

15% discount on all pathological & biochemistry investigations.

10% discount on X-ray, CT scan, MRI, ECG, Ultra-sonogram, Echo and ETT

10% discount on bed charges of admitted patients at Labaid Cardiac Hospital & Labaid Specialized Hospital.

20% Discount on pathological investigations,

15% Discount on radiology & imaging investigations.

10% Discount on bed charge of admission patients.



10% on all system base fares (economy & business) for all Domestic.
20% on all business class base fares for International flights.
40% on Peak Season,
50% on Off-Peak Season.
 30% during peak season ( October – March) all type room rent,
50% During Off pick season( April- September) all type room rent, 15% on SPA, 10% Discount Edge Restaurant & Café 71, 50% on GYM.

10% Discount

All Domestic Flights

30% on room,
10% on food at restaurant,
20% on conference Hall.
60% on Room Rate, 10% on Cinnamon Restaurant,
10% on SPA, 20% on Swimming Pool & Gym.

Lifestyle Products

22% on fashionwear & readymade garments. 15% on Bags & Footwares.    
10% 10% 10% 10%
35% on Diamond Jewelers, 35% Golden jewelers making charge. 25% on Diamond Jewelry.