Managing Director & CEO’s Message

We started our journey with a vision to increase financial inclusion for the mass people. Chanting the slogan “Shimahin Astha” to serve the commoners with utmost believe, we envisioned to spread network in remote rural areas where people never dreamt of to have banking facility. Our Bank was sponsored by the BGB Welfare Trust which is solid welfare initiatives for retired and current Members of the Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB). Our vision is to build Shimanto Bank PLC. as leading bank of the generation in the country through governance excellence in policy making and execution.

We have started to apprehend our dreams. In last six years, our network spreads across the country by opening branches, sub-branches, ATMs, information centers in both urban and remote rural areas. From the day one of the operation, real time online banking is being provided backed by the core banking system. We are doing trades facilitating our customers in export, import as well as remitting foreign currencies in remote areas. Uninterrupted services are being ensured through Call Center. Emphasizing to protect data of our customer, Data Center at Peelkhana and Disaster Recovery Site at Jashore have been implemented. In order to fulfill banking needs of the customers, we’ve developed loan and deposit products for general customers as well as BGB customers. We are offering a number of attractive asset and liability products and services for SME and Corporate clients. The Bank is led by visionary Board of Directors and experienced Management team.

We are passing a crucial time for the banking sector of the country. This sector has been chasing few challenges since last couple of years, and the COVID-19 pandemic worsen the situation further. When we started to recover from impact of the pandemic, Ukraine war raged us impacting global supply chain. We have started 2023, a new year with the legacy of pandemic and war.

Policy support for the industry, trade and service sector taken by Bangladesh Bank and Government of Bangladesh in last few years to incentivize the business was very effective. Now, it’s time to fasten our seatbelt with long term strategy for recovery from Domino effect of pandemic and war at Ukraine. We would like to thank Bangladesh Bank and Government for taking timely proper measures for implementing incentive packages for business as well as monetary and fiscal policy support. We hope that money market and capital market will flourish further in the upcoming years by overcoming the current challenges.

Though our financial fundamentals are good enough to move ahead confidently in future, we have to be more vigilant in the coming days as we are operating in a financial system.

Rafiqul Islam
Managing Director & CEO
Shimanto Bank PLC.