Retail Banking

Retail banking is the most visible face of banking for the general public and most important segment of the bank to build a sufficiently broad customer base which can serve as a stable source of funding. SMBL retail banking department is relentlessly working to deliver the retail products and services to the mass customers in safe, secure, prompt and cost effective manner leveraging the latest technology and operational efficiency forming a team of highly skilled professionals.

SMBL is the only bank in Bangladesh which has gone online from the first day of its operation and believes in un-interrupted customer services with the help of latest technologies in banking and financial services.

With the advancement of technology quite a good number of non-banking financial service providers have come in to act and offering numerous tailor-made products in payment, loans, P2P payments etc. to the customers, even mobile only giro accounts. This is the high time for the banks to adopt payment transactions of the future which can be described as a “newly loyalty approach for bank customer”-with stronger recognition of customer desires, with tailor-made financial offers, personalized additional services and most importantly user friendly applications to support consumer’s financial budgeting. In view of this SMBL is working to develop retail banking model where customer can manage his banking and financial business more conveniently with highest level of trust.