SMBL Shimanto Nir

It is a natural desire for human being to have own house or flat/apartment. To fulfil the needs Shimanto Bank Ltd like to introduce ‘Shimanto Nir’ facility for the employees of Boarder Guard Bangladesh.


SMBL Shimanto Nibash is considered for the following purpose:

  1. Purchase of Flat/Apartment/house
  2. Extension of existing house
  3. New house construction
  4. Renovation of House/Flat/Apartment
  5. House up-gradation
  6. Face uplifting of existing house
  7. Loan Takeover from other Bank
  8. No finance will be offered unless basic structure of the building is completed
  9. Loan Limit: 1 Lac – 10 Lac
  10. Tenor: 1 Year – 20 Year

Eligibility to get the loan:

  • BGB Employees only
  • Age: 21 years – 56 years (Maturity date of loan must not exceed retirement age or 60 years of borrower whichever is earlier)
  • Employment: BGB employees who have completed 10 years of service