Debit Card

Debit Card Products

There are four types of “Debit Card” Products’ are exist to perform round the clock financial transaction as follows

  1. BGB Payroll Debit Card (Only for BGB Members)
  2. VISA Debit Card

Key Features of BGB Payroll Debit Card

Shimanto Bank introduced BGB Payroll Debit Card for Members of Boarder Guard Bangladesh (BGB). BGM Members may enjoy the following facilities through our and other bank’s widespread network of ATMs in Bangladesh:

BGB Payroll Debit Card

  • 24/7 Cash withdrawal from ATM.
  • Shopping & dine through Merchant POS all over the country.
  • Balance inquiry through ATM.
  • PIN Change through Own & Q-Cash ATM.
  • 1st Time Mandatory PIN Change to Secure Debit Card.
  • Mini Statement through ATM.
  • No charge is applicable on Shimanto Bank’s customers for transacting through Own, Q-Cash & NPSB Networks’ ATM.
  • Mobile Top-up.
  • Instant Transaction Alert through SMS.
  • Special Notification through SMS & Email.
  • Dedicated Call Centre.

Key Features of Visa Debit Card

Shimanto Bank introduced VISA Debit Card to facilitate its’ valued card holders beyond the barriers. Any CASA holders of this bank may enjoy the following facilities through our and other bank’s widespread ATM, POS & Ecommerce network to enjoy Different Privilege:

VISA Debit Card

  • EMV Chip based Highly Secured Card.
  • 1st Time Mandatory PIN Change Option to Ensure Security
  • No Issuance Fee.
  • 24/7 Cash Withdrawal From Shimanto ATMs, Q-Cash, NPSB & VISA ATMs
  • Purchase Transaction Locally & Abroad.
  • Balance Inquiry From Any ATMs.
  • Mini Statement From SMBL & Q-Cash ATM
  • Multiple Account Tagging In a Single Card.
  • Utility Bill Payment (Mobile Top-up)
  • Instant Transaction Alert Through SMS.
  • Discounts Privilege on a Selected Merchants
  • Dedicated Call Centre.


If you are an individual and have a savings, current or SND account in Shimanto Bank, you are eligible avail this Debit card. Just drop an application in any nearby Shimanto Bank branches and maintain the pre-defined process as well. Within shortest time you will get the “Debit Card” through your designated branch.

Fess & Charges:

*All fees and charges mentioned above may be changed without notice.

Contact Us:

  • If your debit card gets stolen/lost.
  • If your card doesn’t function and you need a replacement of card.
  • To report unauthorized transactions.
  • Any types of transactions dispute or hic-up

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