Empowerment of Rural Women

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Bangladesh is stepping forward to become a developed nation, where women are inevitably playing a dynamic role. Women in rural area have the ability and willingness for developing entrepreneurship. Sometimes, information and financing stand as barriers to move on.

Shimanto Bank believes, the women residing in village have the power to lead the rural economy. To break the financing barriers of women entrepreneurial development, we are with a customized product named “SMBL Nari Shakti” for financial inclusion of women entrepreneurs of informal sector in Bangladesh.

We are feeling proud to be the micro financing partner in rural women entrepreneurship. Yes, we have financed more than 75 rural women in Jashore, Khustia, Cumilla, Mymensingh, Lalmonirhat, Khulna, Sylhet, Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar in expanding their micro entrepreneurship such as Tailoring, Boutique, Nakshikatha, flower cultivation, cattle fattening, goat rearing. And we are dedicated to go beyond the limits of women entrepreneurial development in our rural economy.

From theory to practice, Shimanto Bank Limited is stepping ahead in developing the inclusive resources (rural women entrepreneurs) through the following actions:

  1. Sourcing the existing entrepreneurship of informal sector
  2. Identifying the area-wise business development scope
  3. Finding out the prospective women suppliers
  4. Arranging awareness-raising program in rural area for women entrepreneurial development
  5. Building a women entrepreneurial community in rural area
  6. Recognizing the rural women based on their entrepreneurial performance
  7. Arranging Open-Discussion session amongst women entrepreneurs, Bank and respective upazilla livestock officer/agricultural officers etc. through our branch network.

We want to connect the micro women entrepreneurship to corporate value chains as part of sustainable banking growth strategy of Shimanto Bank Limited.

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Wishing you a happy International Women’s Day-2022

“Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”